Andrea’s clear explanation and calm approach puts you at ease despite being total newcomers. Andrea’s teaching plan is well considered with each lesson pre-planned and individualised. The studio is our weekly sanctuary, bursting with loads of different Pilates equipment, so no two classes are ever the same which keeps things fun and interesting. We have both noticed considerable improvements in our core strength and posture and we very much look forward to our weekly sessions. In fact, we have found the classes to be so effective that our dad and husband are now also regulars!

Lisa & Charlotte

A truly fantastic teacher with always a friendly welcome. Andrea has a vast knowledge, effortlessly delivered and adapted to meet your individual needs and ability. She provides the right balance of support and encouragement in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Having had a frozen shoulder I have found her sessions invaluable in coping with the difficult days and now, moving forward through the recovery, regaining the strength and movement. I certainly notice I am standing taller and have a lighter step for the week.


From a rugby and rowing background, and weight-training with the great Al Murray, Pilates seemed a soft option, but with Andrea I was in for a surprise. Andrea has transformed my pre-conceived ideas about Pilates. The movements are slight, but it is tough and I know I have done some really useful work. Pilates has improved my posture and symmetry, I playbetter tennis, and am also much less prone to occasional back pain.I would encourage everyone to give it a go


I didn’t realise how tense & tight my muscles were until I started classes with Andrea. Her ability to individualise exercises really hits the spot. Her approach is professional, sensitive and intuitive and has helped me with work and life and the balance between them. Five stars!


Cannot believe how much difference going to Pilates once a week makes. No neck pain, better sleeping and feeling so much better. Small classes and the 1:1 attention is second to none. Good to be able to laugh as well


The wonderful studio and Andrea’s attention to detail ensures that you get a tailored class each time. Matched with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere I really look forward to my class each week!


Pilates@The Grove brings together small class sizes, dedicated, focused teaching and a comfortable environment to practice in. Andrea listens, consults and personalises moves for each person, whether in a group or in an individual class session. Having the option of mat and equipment classes is great. Thank you!


I have had problems (impingement) with my shoulder for a few years and Pilates has definitely helped relieve the pain. Having the small group classes means that Andrea can focus on whether you are doing the exercises correctly and often just a small adjustment makes all the difference.


I look forward to my weekly one hour equipment session with Andrea. After sitting at my desk all day her tailored program is just what I need to relieve the tension caused by my static job and sets me up for the following week. In conjunction with the exercises she has given me to do at home my back pain has disappeared and I feel much more flexible after each class.


I arrived on your doorstep as an old cronk with constant back pain/problems… Have just completed a week of my best skiing for many years – felt great!” Thanks Andrea.


I have been attending Andrea’s weekly mat classes for many years. I appreciate her clear instructions – plus she observes closely and makes adjustments to my position and technique throughout the class. I feel there have been real improvements to my posture and flexibility. I also started equipment classes last year after a sports injury. Andrea really listens and tailors these classes to my individual needs. My recovery has been quicker as a result, and I feel stronger, and more balanced. I always enjoy and look forward to all of Andrea’s classes, and would highly recommend her.


The classes have really helped to tone me up and reduce back pain. The atmosphere is calm and engaging and the small class size is a bonus.


Andrea’s classes ensure that whatever your level of physical fitness, you will feel an improvement in your muscle strength and flexibility after a short period of time. She is brilliant at assessing your strengths and weaknesses and personalising the course to your individual needs. As an instructor she is very patient and encouraging. I can’t recommend her strongly enough


What I love about Pilates with Andrea is the way she takes her understanding of the unique needs of my body, and translates this into a practical, personalised approach. Her warm and relaxed teaching style is highly encouraging, and allowed me to move beyond what I thought was possible. She used her professional expertise to show me one seemingly small change in an exercise, that completely transformed the impact, enabling me to make significant progress in a short period of time.


Pilates@The Grove is fantastic!!! I was new to Pilates and a bit apprehensive but was immediately put at my ease and made to feel welcome by Andrea. The studio has a lovely home from home feel to it and I have truly noticed a difference in my general well being and flexibility. Andrea is so focused on the individual, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and a true professional. I look forward to every lesson.


As a sufferer of lower back pain intermittently, Andrea’s mat classes have helped me achieve a stronger core, which has helped with strengthening my back & better posture. Her smaller classes also enable Andrea to administer a hands on approach & make any necessary adjustments, something you perhaps wouldn’t get in a bigger class. Thanks Andrea, feeling so much better.


Andrea’s knowledge of Pilates and anatomy is incredible, meaning she not only strengthens the muscles, but can help release tight muscular areas. The small classes mean that all postures and poses are performed correctly which maximises the benefits. My strength and flexibility have significantly improved since I started with Andrea. Thank you Andrea.