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Why Pilates?

Is Pilates for me?

You have heard a lot about Pilates but are still not sure how it can help you? Well, if your answer to any of the questions below is “yes”, then Pilates could make a real difference to your daily life.

Do you

  • suffer from ongoing back pain?
  • have neck tension or muscles that feel tight?
  • struggle to touch your toes?
  • often feel stressed, anxious or tired?
  • spend a lot of time seated?
  • have poor posture?
  • have trouble sleeping?
  • feel old?
  • lack energy?
  • feel like you would like to work on balance and co-ordination?
  • need help recovering from an injury?
  • have a frozen shoulder?
  • find that you are not breathing in a relaxed way?
  • struggle with menopause or andropause (male menopause) which can manifest itself in many of the symptoms listed above

Pilates can make a difference to the way you feel because its underlying philosophy is a holistic approach that considers the connection between body and mind. We all experience how mind and body work together – when we feel stressed, our shoulders may creep up to our ears and we may clench our jaws causing muscular tension. When we feel down we may hunch our shoulders without realising. The Pilates philosophy requires that we become body aware, that we listen to our bodies. This enables us to make changes to make our movements graceful,  flowing and efficient – efficient meaning that the movements require the least amount of energy and tension. The key is to relieve overused muscles and strengthen those that are underused -these changes require concentration and effort, making Pilates the effective exercise that it is. It can transform the way you look, feel and perform. It can make you stronger, more flexible, improve performance in other forms of exercise or sports, help with joint mobility and prevent injury or help with injury recovery. You will experience a much greater sense of well-being. Pilates will become a lifestyle.